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West's arguments are often suspect, but her writing is superb. I found the book to be a fascinating read. LibraryThing member quondame. I don't read much non fiction, but this book and it's language have stuck in my mind for years. LibraryThing member jonfaith. Sooner or later society tires of making a mosaic of these evil fragments; and even if the rule of hatred lasts some centuries it occupies no place in real time, it is a hiatus in reality, and not the vastest material thefts, not world wide raids on mines and granaries, can give it substance.

Throughout my teetering adulthood I often assume and maintain numerous guises. So it goes. These aren't fictions, as such, they simply are whiffs of reality rather than constitutional components. This flaccid list could also include I'm a Serb by marriage. I truly feel that I am but I can relate and certainly empathize.

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The principal reason I never read this book in the former Yugoslavia was that I feared I would be the everybore, asking questions about West's observations, as asking whether so-and-so spa was still in existence and could we go there, that sort of thing. When my wife and I were married 12 years ago I knew about words in Serbian, now I likely know about There isn't constant reinforcement for such in Indiana. Life, however, is never as simple as that, and human beings rarely so potent. Rebecca West traveled to Yugoslavia with her husband in the spring of She had been by herself the year before and returned to document the fascinating land as the dark clouds of war rumbled into view.

There isn't a great deal of judgment about races or nations in these pages. That is refreshing. The pair arrive for a snowy Easter in Dubrovnik and travel to Zagreb and then Sarajevo. The piece here of Gavrilo Princip and Franz Ferdinand is simply stunning. Then it is on to Belgrade and then to Macedonia, Kosovo where the fateful battle of is explored in gorgeous detail and finally Montenegro. The conceptual ambivalence of Roman rule is considered. Did the viaducts and roads outweigh the hegemony?

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Did the survival of Millennialist cults betray the fate of present day Bosnia? There is an exciting admixture of poetry and philosophy in these historical digressions, how the aesthetic sparkle of the Byzantines was allowed to sleep under years of Ottoman degradation. Along that road, was the Turkish empire really so vacuous?

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The narrative is propelled by the foil of their friend Constantine, a poet and Yugoslav official. This tension keeps the discussions and observations personal but the reader soon tires of Gerda's shrieking. I have been on bad road trips. I would've cut and ran. I finished the book earlier today and I remain afraid to check online for the fate of Constantine.

LibraryThing member ivanfranko. This book is a monument in the English language to the Southern Slavs. It is a cornerstone of travel writing.

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Rebecca West loved Yugoslavia; her respect for its people and history illuminates the story. It is as topical as ever it was. I reached the Epilogue of this wonderful book on the eve of the US election. Writing in when Yugoslavia had been over-run by Nazi Germany, West spells out the danger of mass political movements that arise from disaffected populations of industrial and urban societies. Their anger is so easily turned against the scape-goat, any available scape-goat. Having won a new found independence after centuries of sublimation, West pours out her praise for a people who chose to resist, having tasted goodness and national freedoms.

LibraryThing member SeriousGrace. Black Lamb and Grey Falcon is a huge book.

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  8. Over 1, pages long. Despite the length Black Lamb and Grey Falcon was, for the most part, a pleasure to read. I ran out of steam halfway through. However, West has a great conversational tone to her writing which levels out the dryness of the subject.

    Eastern question Balkan. Serbia History. Yugoslavia Description and travel. Yugoslavia History. Guardian Greatest Non-Fiction. BookDepository's Best Books Ever. AbeBooks: 50 Essential Travel Books.

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    KIB - Non Fiction books everyone should read. For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1, titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators. About the Author Rebecca West was a novelist, biographer, journalist, and critic.

    She published eight novels in addition to her masterpiece Black Lamb and Grey Falcon , for which she made several trips to the Balkans. Calendar of Events: September.

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