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Series: The Twilight War Series by cover. Series description.

Related series Forgotten Realms. Erevis Cale. Forgotten Realms Anthology. Forgotten Realms Anthologies.


Tamlin Uskevren. Brennus Tanthul. Drasek Riven. Rivalen Tanthul. Kesson Rel. Telemont Tanthul.

Purveyor of Fine Adventuring Wares, Obtainer of Rare Antiquities, Ayatollah of Rockandrollah

Related places Saerb. I enjoyed the slide into damnation that characters like Tamlin Uskevren and Mirabeta Selkirk were going through. It made for some really charged, excited reading. Their bonds of friendship and trust drive much of the story.

See a Problem?

It is that very friendship that allows each of them to retain who and what they are, it allows them to stay sane in a world that is diving into insanity with every moment, even as revolution and war quickly become the norm. The characterisation of all three characters is top-notch, without a doubt.

Even Drasek is much more of an appealing character this time around than he was in The Erevis Cale Trilogy.

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And Erevis himself, he was outstanding. He is one of my favourite characters in SFF ever, a character that I can readily sympathise with and a character that I enjoyed every moment of in all three novels. He makes for an excellent protagonist in every single way that matters. It is his devotion to his friends that defines Erevis, an element of his nature that he never loses sight, even when the entire world is against him, even when common sense tells him to break those bonds.

Shadowbred: Forgotten Realms: The Twilight War, Book 1 (Unabridged)

And Mags, never have I felt sorrier for any character. Despite everything that happens with Erevis this time around, it is Mags who gets the shortest end of the stick again and again.

In this, Paul shows that he is unafraid and even confident of putting his protagonists through the wringer again and again. Watching Mags suffer as he does throughout the trilogy was almost painful to read, because the poor guy just never manages to catch a break. But still, by the end, we see that he is a character to equal Erevis and Riven in becoming a favourite, and for all the right reasons too.

In any epic fantasy novel s , one thing I really enjoy reading about are the struggles between good and evil, struggles on the level of the gods and goddesses themselves.

Shadowbred The Twilight War Audiobook Part 2

In Twilight War , these struggles are represented by the conflict between Shar and Mask and their devotees, the Sharrans and the Maskarrans. There are no typical struggles of good and evil here of course, since both Shar and Mask are divinities born and bred of shadows and darkness, and neither is good or evil in the typical sense.

This is highlighted in Shadowrealm , if I remember correctly, when the characters learn one of the biggest secrets linking Mask and Shar together, a revelation that rocks not only Cale and Riven, but also Rivalen, and he is someone steeped in the lore of the Lady of Loss.

He presents a certain world-view for a good while, and then he sets up internal challenges to that status quo. This happens again and again, although with moderation of course.

Shadowbred by Paul S. Kemp

It is always refreshing and never gets old. I loved it whenever Paul threw up a spanner in the works. It allowed for some great drama and tension throughout the three novels. For novels that can be somewhat predictable, there are indeed elements of unpredictability throughout, and together, it all makes for a complete reading experience, one that I enjoyed without any reservations.

The Twilight War is a trilogy that is steeped in the lore of the setting, and has some great characters along with a narrative that also has great pacing from start to finish. As a final point, I just want to say that along with all the other strengths of the novel are two more things: the great action scenes that are involved and engaging, and also all the magical duels. Paul even brings the two of them together often enough and the results are just as great as I expected them to be. And if you do decide to read these novels, then you should make sure to read The Erevis Cale Trilogy , so that you have the background for these novels going in and so that you are not lost in any way.

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