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When Titcomb realised that these appeared around the world in various forms. The black wagon, which was history of books and libraries.

We do not know the exact staffed with a librarian and a coachman since date when various transport means began to be used as Conventional library and information services LIS such mobile libraries. Relevant references to horse-drawn as Online Public visited institutions and houses. Authors agree that this article remain permanently open access under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4. It is a fact that the variety of 4 Supporting and facilitating research on various issues forms which such a mobile library may adopt is quite 5 Promoting love for reading extensive.

Defining the phenomenon: Services and mobility The variety and depth of providing the aforementioned services depends on the potential of Libraries and also But what exactly do we mean when we call a Library on the needs and size of the community they serve. And Mobile? When we think about a Library, we visualise a it is also worth noting that the above should be offered in whole building or perhaps a specific area inside a an organised, systematic and planned manner by building for example, in a school, a hospital, etc.

Some Libraries, however, do not operate behind walls, It is a fact that in order for a mobile library to fulfill its nor do they wait for their users to find them; they make purpose and offer services to its users it should work in their way to them in the most unexpected ways: with an organised manner, be staffed with people who serve it buses, ships, trains, bicycles, elephants, camels, and be included in a certain framework with some form of donkeys, etc.

In fact, anything that can be moved and institutional recognition. So to complete the definition: carry books or relevant material can be called a Mobile Libraries in any form that move in any manner, offer Library as long as its aim is to serve the public and library services, are served by specialised staff and work disseminate knowledge to all, especially to those who in an organised manner within an institutional framework, find it difficult to resort to standard Libraries due to social can be formally classified as Mobile Libraries.

From the aforementioned 1 these authorities. The most common of these libraries definition it appears that two basic conditions must be are those that run as branches of public — and also fulfilled to classify a Library as Mobile: to provide library municipal, school, academic and generally institutional— services and to be mobile, that is, not to operate libraries.

Other effort to increase their volume of lending material, the countries call these variously Bookmobile, Bibliobus, Bucherbus, etc.

This number of their users and the number of those overage document uses the term in its broadest sense. Bikos and Papadimitriou 37 promoting love for reading, etc. In that case, A relevant example relates to the choice of vehicle for a however, a centre must have been designated or an mobile unit of a standard library: In the community of administrative amendment must have been applied so Pocadello, in Idaho, USA, the staff of the Public Library that the aforementioned mobile libraries can control and used to organise summer activities for children in an renew their collection of material.

A starting point-base effort to urge them to spend their time creatively during should also be determined to serve as the base of mobile their holidays. However, many children did not come libraries where the vehicles will also be maintained, park regularly and others did not even show up at the places and start their journeys to the areas they serve. Such a where these creative activities were offered. So they case may be found, for example, in sparsely populated thought about reaching the children in their favourite areas, where there are no urban centres.


This category summer spot, the parks, where they hang out with may also include any Mobile Library that is founded and pleasure. But such a large bookmobile would not be runs under the supervision of any public body, without flexible enough to move in such areas. First they solved necessarily collaborating with a mother Library. Their audience —the been founded and run under the supervision of non- children— responded in such a positive way that a need governmental organisations, religious associations and for a more permanent solution arose.

With financial other similar organisations in cooperation with State support from sponsors, a trailer was purchased with room authorities. For example, in Haiti the organisation for the material and necessary librarian operations, which Libraries Without Borders in cooperation with the local offered a final solution to the problem. In another case, the staff of a Public Library, the Port Phillip Library in Australia, reacted in a flexible Mobility —or even the potential for mobility— is a sine qua manner when they realised that those going swimming in non criterion for a library to be classed as mobile.

In fact, their adjacent beach found no interest in visiting their such a potential for mobility does not only concern their Library. They thought that if the Library moved and went routes, but also anything that relates to mobile libraries — closer to them, then it would spur their interest.

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To put it A similar action was also pursued by the Library of simply, mobility —which is by definition regarded as the Blackpool in the Lancashire coast in North West England change of position in space in relation to a fixed point, as Monahan, In other words, mobility their operation. Another observation related to mobility: this motion, Therefore, an inherent quality of mobile libraries is their change, conversion that accompanies Mobile Libraries by flexibility-adaptability.

This quality can be ascertained in definition is usually substantiated with stability, as far as anything that relates to Mobile Libraries from the choice their itineraries are concerned. Thus, users know when in recent years a constantly increasing number of and where to wait for the Mobile Library that is more volunteers support the duties of regular staff , etc.

And convenient for them.

However, for some special Mobile one could claim that the more developed the ability of a Libraries this kind of stability is not required. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. September 7, September 7, Review: I truly loved this book in all honesty. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Review: Initiate Laura L. Makerspace Challenge Every month compete in the ultimate Makerspace Challenge to test your skills and win amazing prizes!

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