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Rolain, J. Schoukens, and H. Tom Breugelmans Universiteit Antwerpen Verified email at uantwerpen. View all. Professor in electrical engineering, Vrije Universiteit Brussel , dept. Verified email at vub. Articles Cited by Co-authors.

IEEE transactions on automatic control 39 11 , , IEEE Transactions on instrumentation and measurement 41 2 , , Mechanical systems and signal processing 22 4 , , Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 24 3 , , Mechanical systems and signal processing 21 6 , , Articles 1—20 Show more. Help Privacy Terms. Nett Control, 36, About the reviewer LaMarie, R. Valavani, M. Athens and G. Stein Bo Wahlberg was born in Norrkrping, Sweden, in A frequency domain estimator for use in adaptive He received the M. Automatica, 27, On the estimation of transfer functions.


Link6ping University, LinkiSping, Sweden. He has held Automatica, 21, System Identification: Theory for the User. Issues in system identification.

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From to , he was a Research Control Systems Magazine, 11, In Ljung, L. Glover Frequency domain versus December , he became Professor of the Chair of time domain methods in system identification. Stockholm, Sweden. His research interests include system Ljung, L. S6derstr6m Theory and Practice of identification, time series analysis and signal processing.

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Recursive Identification. Press, Cambridge, MA. Bitmead Adaptive frequency Award of the American Control Conference. He is an response identification.

Atherton and P. To this end, it provides approximately alphabetically arranged entries. The more extended part by the ongoing revolution in computer and communica- entries emphasize the use of modelling and simulation to tions technology. This increased interest has been manifested assess the behavior of physical processes using mathematical by major initiatives by the defense community in the areas of models to the extent practical.

Consideration is given to a synthetic environments and advanced distributed simulation, broad spectrum of systems including aeronautics and space, and by the commercial sector in the area of virtual reality. In all modelling and simulation comes at an expeditious moment.

Identification Of Linear Systems by J Schoukens, R Pintelon

This, in itself, simulation from a control theoretic perspective; unfortun- is testimony to the diligence of the encyclopedia's editors, D. It draws simulation are experiencing the most explosive growth. In discusses what the encyclopedia seeks to achieve and several cases, key subjects are treated in depth from evaluates its success in realizing these objectives. It then goes multiple, reinforcing perspectives. For example, there are 13 on to identify and discuss those areas that are beyond the entries on the subject of identification, with the contributions scope of the current volume as a challenge to future editions of L.

Ljung on the basic problem, least squares method, or additional volumes. In addition, there are issued by Pergamon Press in In its wake, Pergamon interesting and useful treatments on the nature and use of Press has issued seven concise encyclopedias in a variety of Petri Nets by T.

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Murata and J. Bourey et al. Richard and P.