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Russian translation of Public-Key Cryptography. Izdatelstvo "Mir", Moscow, pp. Nishida On slender OL languages. Mitrana, G. Rozenberg Pattern systems. Mateescu Views on linguistics. Rozenberg Special issue: Formal Language Theory. Fundamenta Informaticae, Vol.

Paun Self-reading sequences. Monthly , Martin-Vide, J. Miquel-Verges and G.

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Paun An attempt to define the ambiguity of internal contextual languages. Slenderness and immigration: new aspects of L systems. Rozenberg Contextual grammars: parallelism and blocking of derivation. Fundamenta Informaticae 25, Ding Cooperatively distributed ciphering and hashing. Dumitrescu and G. Paun Languages associated to finite and infinite sets of patterns.

Pures Appl. Paun The power of restricted splicing with rules from a regular language. Computer Sci. Rozenberg Contextual grammars: deterministic derivations and growth functions. Rozenberg Computing by splicing. Rozenberg Restricted use of the splicing operation. Computer Math. Rozenberg Pattern grammars. Automata, Languages, Combinatorics 1, Conjugate words, cuts of the deck and cryptographic protocols.

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Paun DNA computing based on the splicing operation. Mathematica Japonica 43, Martin-Vide, A. Mateescu and J. Miquel-Verges Quasi shuffle Marcus grammars. Actas del XII Congr. Lenguajes Naturales y Lenguajes Formales, Barcelona, Lipponen Simple words in equality sets. Rozenberg Watson-Crick complementarity, universal computations and genetic engineering. Norsunluutornista kauppamatkustajaksi. Ilie On regular characterizations of languages using grammar systems.

Acta Cybernetica 12 3 , Ehrenfeucht, A. Rozenberg On representing RE languages by one-sided internal contextual languages. Annals of University of Bucharest 1, Rozenberg Formal Languages, a special issue. Theoretical Computer Science , 1. International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science 8 1 , Rozenberg Handbook of Formal Languages , Vol. Paun Grammars with controlled derivations.

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Rozenberg, A. Rozenberg L Systems. Mateescu Formal Languages: an Introduction and a Synopsis. Mateescu Aspects of Classical Language Theory.

Paun New Trends in Formal Languages. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. Paun, A. Rozenberg Shuffle-Like Operations on omega-words. Computability paradigms based on DNA complementarity. Ding, V. Niemi and A. Biham ed. Paun Pattern languages versus parallel communicating grammar systems. Mycielski and G. Rozenberg Structures in Logic and Computer Science. Dassow and V. BioSystems 43, Paun Attempting to define the ambiguity of internal contextual languages.

Martin-Vide ed. Programmed and evolving splicing rules. Hofestadt and T. Lengauer and M.

Books, Book Chapters, Journal Issues and Scientific Prizes Dedicated to (Named After) G. Rozenberg

Loffler and D. Rozenberg Syntactic and semantic aspects of parallelism. Freksa and M. Mateescu Abstract Family of Languages. Hazinwinkel ed. Mateescu Grammar Forms. Rozenberg Characterizations of recursively enumerable languages starting from internal contextual languages. Rozenberg Shuffle on trajectories: Syntactic constraints. Fundamental Study with A. Rozenberg Simple sticker systems. Discrete Applied Mathematics 84, International Journal for Computer Mathematics 66, Ilie On well quasi orders of free monoids.

Ilie 2-Testability and relabelings produce everything.

Formal and Natural Computing Essays Dedicated to Grzegorz Rozenberg by Brauer & Wilfried

Journal of Computer and System Sciences 56, Kari, G. Paun, G. Rozenberg and S. Yu DNA computing, sticker systems, and universality. Acta Informatica 35, Csuhaj-Varju Networks of language processors: parallel communicating systems. Turing, Watson-Crick and Lindenmayer. Aspects of DNA complementarity. Calude, J. Casti, M. Harju and A. Brim, J.

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Gruska and J. Rozenberg DNA Computing. New Computing Paradigms. Martin-Vide, G. Rozenberg Universality results for finite H system and Watson-Crick finite automata. Theory and Experiments. Springer-Verlag, Singapore, Martin-Vide and G.