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  • Florence to Siena Day Trips.

Monteriggioni vaunts exterior defense walls and fourteen towers , making it truly unique. The best way to reach Monteriggioni is by car or by bus, but the nearest train station is four kilometres away. Read more about Monteriggioni here. Siena needs no introduction. Siena never ceases to amaze with its many treasures, like piazza del Campo, with an unmistakable shell shape, the cathedral, Torre del Mangia, and much, much more! Check out this post about Siena to find out more about what to do in this stunning city. You can reach Siena by both train and bus or by car, but take note: the train station is about 3 km from the historic centre ; you can take a taxi or walk from there.

What if we told you that that postcard image that made you choose Tuscany for your holiday exists just to the south of Florence? You can visit Pienza, Montepulciano, Montalcino and Bagno Vignoni , and the best way to do this is by car. Read this post to learn more about these towns.

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  4. Florence to Siena Day Trips.
  5. East of Florence, there are two excellent options for day trips: Arezzo and Cortona. Arezzo was the birthplace of two brilliant minds, Giorgio Vasari and Piero della Francesca , meaning the town is undoubtedly full of their art. Start your day in piazza Grade and follow our tips.

    Highlights from a Tuscany day trip

    Visit the town centre on foot and enjoy the great views of the surrounding areas. You can reach Arezzo by train and Cortona by bus or car. Maybe you need a bit of relaxation after all those days spent doing long walks in busy towns. Heading southwest to the beaches in the Maremma could be a good option. Read our list for some ideas about which beaches to choose.

    Tuscan Countryside, Florence & Rome

    Highlights Where to go What to do Plan your trip. Leonardo in Toscana. Where to go. Towns and Cities. What to do. Time-based tours. Plan your trip. Lucca's defense walls - Credit: Emilio Dellepiane. Chianti area. San Gimignano - Credit: Antonio Cinotti. Monteriggioni - Credit: Mirella.

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    Val d'Orcia - Credit: Oishi Kuranosuke. Maremma beaches. The famous Palio di Siena or traditional horse race is held twice a year around this square. Siena Cathedral : This medieval church is located in a piazza above the Piazza del Campo. John the Baptist. Torre del Mangia : Torre del Mangia is a m tall tower, located in the Piazza del Campo, and was supposed to be around the same height as the Siena Cathedral to signify the equivalence of power between the church and the state. Basilica of San Domenico : Also known as the Basilica Cateriniana, this basilica is known for its splendid Gothic appearance, and contains several relics of St.

    Catherine of Siena. Built around AD, it is one of the most important basilicas in the city. It features frescoes and paintings that depict the history of Siena, and also of its culture and traditions. Bus — There are two available options: Rapida the fast bus , which travels non-stop from Florence to Siena for about 1 hour 15 minutes; and Ordinaria the slower bus , which makes two stops on the way and takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. Usually, two buses leave every hour. Train — There are up to 16 trains that traverse this 85 km distance, which leave once per hour.

    Weekends and holidays typically mean less frequent service, and sometimes longer travel times. Car — One can hire a car and drive to Siena, taking around hours. However, this option may prove to be expensive.

    9 day trips from Florence | Visit Tuscany

    Tours — With a pre-booked tour, transport is covered in the cost of the tour, and you also get to explore Siena and surrounding areas extensively, in a hassle-free manner. This definitely makes for an easier option if you are travelling with children, or simply want a relaxed holiday!

    Travel on a high-speed train, and reach the magical city of Venice in just two hours!

    Explore St. Round off your perfect Venetian voyage by sailing serenely down the Grand Canal in a romantic Gondola ride! The Cinque Terre region of Italy consists of a collection of ancient seaside villages off the coast of the Italian Riviera. Travel to to this World Heritage Site in a luxury AC coach, and explore five little hamlets and the cliff villages along the Ligurian coast.

    Dine at a traditional Italian restaurant and indulge in a simple, classical lunch, amidst the backdrop of mountains and hills. Lastly, enjoy a scenic boat ride across the Cinque Terre bay!

    places in Tuscany

    If there's one thing Manisha loves more than cake, it's travelling. While studying in London, she fell in love with the city, and decided that she wanted to combine her two interests - writing and travelling. Having made London her home, she now travels through Europe during summers, spends winters under ten blankets, and writes about her adventures in between.

    Day Trip Guide: Florence to Siena.

    Florence in 5 minutes 🍕🍷 Enjoy Tuscany with Florence, Pisa and Siena

    Florence to Siena Day Trips. Begin your tour in the late afternoon with a serene and peaceful drive through the Italian countryside and Chianti vineyards to Siena.