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But we could do the permanent dying so then. Miscellaneous Effects of Solubilization IV. Effectiveness in Surface Tension Reduction A. The Krafft Point B. Ultralow Interfacial Tension IV. Dynamic Surface Tension Reduction A. Dynamic Regions B. Wetting Equilibria A. Spreading Wetting 1. The Contact Angle 2.

Dictionary of Nanotechnology, Colloid and Interface Science

Measurement of the Contact Angle B. Adhesional Wetting C. Immersional Wetting D. Adsorption and Wetting II. Modification of Wetting by Surfactants A. General Considerations B. Hard Surface Equilibrium Wetting C. Textile Nonequilibrium Wetting D.

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Effect of Additives III. Theories of Film Elasticity II.

Factors Determining Foam Persistence A. Drainage of Liquid in the Lamellae B. Diffusion of Gas through the Lamellae C. Surface Viscosity D. Efficiency as a Foaming Agent B. Effectiveness as a Foaming Agent C. Low-Foaming Surfactants IV. Foam-Stabilizing Organic Additives V. Antifoaming VI. Macroemulsions A. Formation B. Factors Determining Stability 1.

Physical Nature of the Interfacial Film 2. Viscosity of the Continuous Phase 4. Size Distribution of Droplets 5. Phase Volume Ratio 6. Temperature C. Inversion D. Multiple Emulsions E. Theories of Emulsion Type 1. Qualitative Theories 2. Microemulsions III. Nanoemulsions IV. Selection of Surfactants as Emulsifying Agents A.

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Interparticle Forces A. Steric Forces II. Role of the Surfactant in the Dispersion Process A. Wetting of the Powder B. Deaggregation of Fragmentation of Particle Clusters C. Prevention of Reaggregation III. Bridging C.

Reversible Flocculation IV. Aqueous Dispersions B. Nonaqueous Dispersions C. Mechanisms of the Cleaning Process A. Removal of Soil from Substrate 1. Removal of Liquid Soil 2. Removal of Solid Soil B. Suspension of the Soil in the Bath and Prevention of Redeposition 1.

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  7. Liquid Oily Soil C. Dry Cleaning II. Effect of Water Hardness A. Builders B. Fabric Softeners IV. Effect of Soil and Substrate 1. Oily Soil 2. Particulate Soil 3.

    Colloidal Nanoparticles in Biotechnology Wiley Series on Surface and Interfacial Chemistry

    Mixed Soil B. Effect of the Hydrophobic Group of the Surfactant C. Effect of the Hydrophilic Group of the Surfactant D. Dry Cleaning V. E valuation of Molecular Interaction Parameters A. May Watch Queue Queue.

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